According to ATFA, a laminate floor consists of at least four layers fused together. These layers include balancing layer, core layer, decor layer and upper wear layer. If you have laminate floors in home, do not use wet mops as they may damage your floors by peaking or warping these layers. When laminate boards push up against each other the joins rise due to inadequate space between the floor and the walls and this incident is called peaking. In case your floors buckle or warp, it basically means that your floor is damaged by water or high moisture content in the air. Therefore, keep that in mind – like we said before – you should never clean your laminate floor using a wet mop. Besides, if your house is located in a humid area, laminate might not be the right option to choose. It is recommended that laminate floors are not installed in places with more than 60% humidity since the moist in the air can also widen the floor. Please have a look at the wide range of Laminate Floors we provide at Live Timver: Resources: