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In a Nutshell

We provide timber flooring services in Melbourne with a team of experts and qualified specialists. We have been offering flooring solutions to meet our clients dream home needs with beautiful timber floors. We are fully experienced in installing new flooring so we will make sure that the job is carried out with the highest possible precision.

1. Amazing Sanding & Re-Finishing

With an expert and qualified team, we have been offering flooring solutions to meet our clients dream home needs with beautiful timber floors. We are fully experienced in installing new flooring so we will make sure that the job is carried out with the highest possible precision. We will be with your from start to finish, and help you achieve the stunning results that match your lifestyle needs and budget. We will get your floor back to its former beauty that you can cherish for years to come.

Assess & Quote

Your project starts here. We’ll measure your floors, show you real timber samples to choose your look, and supply a quotation on the spot.

Floor Refresh

Depending on time frame and floor condition – a light abrade & single coat can quickly refresh your timber floors.

Old, worn floor finishes can be removed with specialised sanding machinery. From bare, we apply our 3 coat water based system to beautify and protect. You can give an old timber floor a big face lift by sanding it down. Here at Live timber flooring our moto is, sand out the coatings not the timber leaving you with as much timber for future sanding where possible.

Clients ask our opinion from time to time for what is the best look these days & with our in house Interior Designer we may have the answers you need. Floor sanding has come along way with new coatings available and better machines making jobs easier and quicker to finish . At Live timber flooring we are constantly looking at new methods to complete projects in less time to allow you back in your home quicker , thus making you the client even happier.

2. Top-Notch Timber Flooring Installation

We install Hardwood, Laminate and Bamboo flooring in Donvale, Doncaster, Kew, Hawthorn, Burwood, Mitcham, Blackburn. Furthermore, we will complete the job on agreed time thereby save you time and money. Installing flooring is a very precise process and requires patience, we possess the necessary skills and tools to make a floor installation a painless process. Live Timber Flooring makes your life as easy as possible, we can move furniture and prepare the subfloor so you can concentrate on enjoying your home whilst we take care of the installation process. All this is included in our price so we won’t surprise you with any hidden charges. With us, you can rest assured that your job will be done with efficiency and professionalism.

An engineered board comprises of two or more layers of wood, or more commonly wood and plywood, bonded together. This forms a far more stable plank, less prone to gapping, cupping or crowning under changes in temperature or humidity. The top layer of the plank is often of a similar depth to that of a solid board above the tongue providing an equal sandable surface. Because of their stability engineered boards may be longer and wider than solid planks and they can be laid ‘floating’, increasing the ease of repair and reducing the time and cost of installation. We service engineered timber flooring in the Eastern, Sth Eastern suburbs, Melbourne, CBD, Hill,North, Donvale, Nunawading, Camberwell, Ivanhoe, Templestowe, Templestowe lower, Rosanna and Bulleen

3. Beautiful Parquetry

Parquetry flooring puts you in the company of Kings and Queens as the use of the Parquetry flooring dates back to the 17th century where it was used for the first time in the main palaces in France and then spread across the European nations. Parquetry is an art created with patterns of wood to give it a decorative effect. There is millions of parquetry flooring designs and each one differs from another. Block patterns are used for floors in parquetry. The patterns are entirely squares, triangles and lozenges.

The main design patterns of Parquetry flooring is V shape and Square shape, there are numerous artistic patterns you can achieve on the floor depends on your personal taste which is something you cannot achieve in any other timber flooring types.

Parquetry floors are long lasting and they usually require little or no maintenance. The materials used in parquetry are oak, walnut, cherry, lime, pine maple and Australian hardwoods etc. All the grains and colors are contrasted in the timber to give a beautiful pattern to it. As these floors are low maintenance, cleaning them is also as simple as one, two and three, whereas vacuum cleaners should be avoided as they can get scratches. Parquetry is most commonly used domestically, it is considered to be better than other tiles in floors, as it gives a warmer and cleaner look to the room. Block parquetry is available in many different kinds both in Australian and imported timber.