Here is some information on Parquet Flooring: 1. Are parquet floors real wood? According to Woodandbeyond, parquet flooring is made from solid pieces of timber, whereas engineered parquet flooring is made from layers of different types of wood, topped by hardwood 2. How thick is parquet flooring? According to Wideboards, some of the decorative parquet floors are 2 or 3mm thickness glued to a stable substrate. However, the majority of parquet floors made from solid hardwood are measured between 6mm and 10mm thick. 3. How do you maintain parquet flooring? According to hss, you can use a parquet floor mop or commercial cleaner for gently scrubbing the floor. It is suggested to use as little water and cleaner as possible, to prevent water damage, and not to scrub too hard, to prevent scratches and other damage 4. Is parquet flooring waterproof? According to sgwoodflooring, there are no wood flooring options that are thoroughly waterproof. However, it is true that manufacturers have started offering waterproof engineered hardwood flooring, but getting them installed may not be an option for everyone. 5. How do you refurbish a parquet floor? According to doityourself, clear the area, then sand the parquet. Once the room is clear from any furniture, personal belongings, or debris, you need to start sanding the floor. Then, clean the dust, stain and Seal Resources: