Spotted gum as an Australian native hardwood grows on the east coast and can predominantly be seen in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales. This timber is naturally durable, strong and can get up to 45 meters in height. Even though spotted gum is a dense timber, it is easy to use and it is not difficult to use it with fittings and fastenings. Keep in mind that it is also corrosive to nails and screws. This species is being to used in heavy engineering applications due to its shock resistance capability and high durability rating. That’s why if you ever intend to build a timber deck for your house, spotted gum is quite an ideal timber for that purpose, ticking off a lot of decking requirements. We are Live Timber use Spotted Gum K622, which is a German technology surface with the following features: Gloss 1218x168x12mm Colour: foollowing samples 2.0462m2/ctn 25 years Guarantee Domestic $30 per SQM Resources: