Laminate longboard floorings are an affordable alternative for expensive hardwood or stone floorings offering the same look without expenses or required maintenance. Since laminate floorings are made from high-density fiber or wood layers covered with a hard overlay layer they are durable and simulate embossed hardwood or stone. That’s why laminate longboard has become a popular way to update the look of a home. To find more about laminate longboard flooring, please read on. What is Laminate Longboard Flooring? Laminate flooring was first invented by a Swedish company called Perstorp in 1977 and sold under the brand name Pergo. It was first in 1984 that laminate floorings appear in the European market. The glueless laminate flooring was manufactured for the first time by Swedish Välinge Aluminium (now Välinge Innovation) and sold under the name Alloc and Fiboloc. Meanwhile, a Belgian company Unilin has developed and sold a system to hold the flooring panels together called Quick-Step flooring. It took until the 1990s that laminate floorings are introduced to the USA market. At that time some didn’t take it seriously. But in less than 20 years it became-and remains- the most popular and fastest-growing type of flooring ever sold. Laminate flooring is built by pushing together multiple layers of synthetic materials. Sometimes pressure, heat or adhesive is used to fuse the layers together. In this way, the strength and stability of the flooring are increased and layers are permanently assembled. To resemble expensive hardwood or stone floorings, an appliqué layer in which a photographic of natural wood or stone pattern is printed is utilized as the top layer. The decorative layer is produced by a special technique called EIR (embossed in register) which improves the texture and depth of image printed. This layer is protected from scratches and spills by a transparent covering. The inner core layers usually consist of fiberboard or melamine resin materials. The longboard laminate flooring is the type of laminate flooring whose floorboards are relatively long. It is a luxurious replacement for expensive hardwood or stone flooring. Furthermore, it is also versatile and easy to install and maintain.