1. Price

Perhaps the best trump card of laminate flooring is the price. A laminate flooring is cheaper than a hardwood or stone flooring. It means that you can achieve the ostentatious look of natural wood or stone without breaking the bank.

2. Easy Installation

Laminate flooring is extremely easy to install, making it the best option for DIYers. It can be installed on top of almost any type of existing subfloor except than carpet. For instance, unlike the most other types of flooring, laminate longboards can be installed on a concrete subfloor. Several manufacturers offer glue free laminate floorings with the tongue-and-groove interlock system. The interlocking system makes the installation super easy and fast. Hence, it usually takes less than a day to complete the installation. In addition, it can be uninstalled and reinstalled over and over without damaging the laminate boards or the original flooring underneath.

3. Durable

Special process used in manufacturing laminate flooring makes it the best option for high traffic areas. Laminate flooring is durable, scratch- resistant and easy to clean. You should just use a mop or a damped mop to clean the board. So it is a good choice for homes with kids and pets. In addition, most manufacturers offer more than 10 years of guarantee for laminate flooring products.

4. Versatile

Laminate flooring is available in a range of colors and design options. It provided homeowners a wide variety of choice at an affordable cost. For example, both modern laminate longboards and a more traditional options such as a vintage rustic feel are offered in the market. It can mimic most expensive hardwoods species including oak or spruce at the same quality. Wide longboard flooring is often created by inspiration from Australian species. If you are looking for a flooring to make your home stand out from the crowd, you can choose exotic laminate floors. They look stunning and can be used in the contemporary or traditional setup.

5. Moisture Resistant

Laminated flooring layers are particularly designed to be moisture resistant. Thus, it is a great choice for rooms in which spills are common such as bathrooms and kitchen. It these rooms installation of hardwood or other types of flooring encounters some limitations and laminate flooring is one the best alternatives.

6. Stain and Fade Resistant

As the top layer of laminate flooring is covered by a protective layer, in addition to moisture resistance it is stain and fade resilient too. If properly maintained, its original appearance can be preserved for years.

7. Easy to Maintain

Because they are easy to maintain, laminate flooring is perfect for a busy homeowner. It only needs vacuum, sweep, and mop from time to time. You can always count on easy cleaning and maintenance of laminate flooring.

8. Kids and Pets Friendly

Because laminate flooring is long lasting and easy to clear, it is the best solution for active homes with kids and pets.

9. Hygienic and Dust-free

Laminate flooring does not produce any dust and it is moisture-proof. So it is no room for mould to grow. Furthermore, it is a hygienic option which means improved health and comfort of kids and the entire family. Therefore, it is the best flooring option for allergic people.

10. Environment-Friendly

Many homeowners prefer flooring that is eco-friendly and made from renewable resources. As an advantage, laminate flooring can be constructed out of recycled materials. Also, less wood is used for manufacturing laminate floorings which helps save our prized wood jungles. Moreover, many manufacturers offer an eco-friendly production process.

11. Resale Value


Most buyers are looking for homes with hardwood flooring rather than carpet. Laminate flooring provides the same look for less money and can add to the resale value of your home.


Tips for installing a Laminate Flooring

Installing a laminate flooring is a DIY friendly project. It is reasonably easy to install. It takes only one weekend to finish the installation. Laminate flooring is usually incorporate tongue and groove boards which can be clicked into one another. It is typically installed on top of a foam/film underlayment placed on the subfloor, absorbing noise and moisture. Always make sure that you start with a smooth subfloor.

An uneven surface may lead to a noisy or even a broken laminate floor. Remove baseboards and shoe moldings and reinstall them after the flooring installation is finished. Always start with the longest wall that has the most doorway. To allow floor expansion you should leave a small gap (about one-quarter of an inch) between permanent floor spaces such as walls, edges and cupboards, and floor. Laminate can be cut just like wood. To end the flooring at doorway, corners, and cupboards you can cut the planks in this areas.

It is better to use a transition strip under doors rather than snapping together laminate flooring. It is recommended that you don’t put heavy furniture such as a fully loaded bookshelf on a laminate flooring because it prevents expansion and contraction of the planks due to humidity and temperature changes. Laminate longboard flooring is a feature-rich flooring option that brings the feel of real timber or stone to your home without being too expensive. The best is that it is durable, kids and pets friendly and easy to clean and maintain. Besides, you have a large number of colors, pattern, finishes, and thickness to choose from.

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