Timber floors are supplied in a huge range of species, grades, and hardness. Each wood species has its own pattern and color blend as well as density, hardness, and durability. When deciding on a timber floor examine color, pattern, species, grade and finish to be applied. Please note that photos are not always the best way to get accurate information about color and grade. The best way is to visit a local showroom to get the real feel of timber flooring. Below we reviewed some common wood Australian species available in the Melbourne timber flooring market. Australian Beech Also known as Myrtle Beech or Tasmanian Myrtle is one of the important hardwood species in Australia. Australian Beech grows mainly in eastern Victoria and Tasmani and is renowned for its strength and versatility of application. It produced beautiful hues ranging from pale brown to gold. Thanks to its creamy, warm and pink tones this attractive timber is commonly used for commercial purposes. Blackbutt It is one of the most important hardwoods in Australia. Blackbut is well regarded by foresters for the high quality of timber and its quick growth. Its life expectancy can go over 40 years when installed above ground. It has a straight grain and even texture. With coloring ranging from pale brown to cream, and with a cathedral grain pattern it is an ideal choice not only for timber flooring but for parquetry and engineered flooring. Brushbox Often referred to as vinegartree, this hardwood is usually cultivated in coastal Queensland and New South Wales. It is a very popular timber species in Melbourne. Its reach colors vary between reddish brown and pale, greyish. Brushbox lacks gum vein making it a fantastic candidate for the flooring. As an advantage, it is very hard and wear-resistant as well as naturally termite resistant. Jarrah Jarrah is one most common hardwood species grown in the southwestern corner of Western Australia. Jarrah is famous for providing homes to wild animals and insects, particularly bees. When it comes to timber flooring, it is famous for high density and ability to withstand insect attacks. It is also incredibly hard, making it a fantastic choice for both residential and commercial applications flooring. Jarrah is a beautiful rich red color which turns over the time into a soft burgundy. If you live in Melbourne the main factor you should consider for buying and maintenance of timber flooring is weather changes. If the humidity or temperature is too low or too high it can damage your valuable timber flooring. The best strategy is to control the room humidity all around the year and use Australian quality hardwood species that are more compatible with the local climate. References 1- https://www.martinsflooring.com/cold-weather-and-wood-flooring/ 2- https://www.australia.com/en/facts-and-planning/weather-in-australia/weather-in-melbourne.html 3- https://weather-and-climate.com/average-monthly-Humidity-perc,Melbourne,Australia 4- http://www.carpetsandbeds.com/news/the-effects-of-weather-on-your-flooring 5- https://bettertimberflooring.com.au/australian-hardwood-species/ 6- http://www.borthwickfloors.com/species/timber-species

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