Carpets are considered as the best choice for spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms and other family room where extra comfort and softness is desirable. Kids can play on the floor without having to worry about falling because carpet ‘fibber is soft and act as a contact cushion. Carpet also acts as a sound insulator in the home, making it suitable for a busy and noisy household. It also provides unrivaled warmth and comfort during the winter months. Although there may be some concerns about taking care of carpets, with the right care and maintenance they can endure up to ten years tear and wear before the texture in fibbers are faded. It is recommended to sweep or vacuum a carpet regularly to keep it in good condition. However, despite the best effort, carpets are the first victim of spills and stains. To remove dirt, oil, and bacteria accumulated in the carpet, the best solution is steam cleaning the carpet. You can even hire a steam cleaning machine and clean the carpets yourself. Nevertheless, hiring a professional for carpet cleaning ensures you that the carpet would not be discoloured or faded while steaming. Carpets are often less expensive than other floor types. Synthetic carpets are cheaper but provide ultimate softness and can be bleach cleaned, making them a good candidate for families with young children. In contrary wool carpet are expensive but are more durable. The best is that carpets are available in a number of colours, patterns, and shapes. There can be used in any traditional or contemporary decoration.


Laminate flooring is both practical but and cost-effective. It is easy to install and clean. Unlike a hardwood or carpet flooring, it is highly resistant to moisture, scratching and stains. It usually comes with a 10-20 guarantee. So it is a practical flooring for families with kids or pets. Even though it regarded as a cheap flooring in the past, the appearance of laminate flooring has enhanced nowadays so that it is hard to to tell the difference between a modern laminate flooring and a wooden floor just by looking. With a variety of surface finishes such as embossed, smooth matt or gloss you can simulate look and feeling of a hardwood or stone flooring. Therefore, if you are looking for a budget-friendly and elegant flooring, you should consider laminate flooring as an option.

Vinyl and Luxury Vinyl Tile

Vinyl and Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) offer quality and affordable price at the same time. They are not only scratch and stain resistant but also waterproof, making it a practical solution for rooms like kitchen and bathroom. Vinyl and LVT mimic the natural look of wood or stone flooring giving you a versatile range of style and pattern choices for remodeling the room with a reasonable cost. Most of Vinyl and LVT manufactures offer 25 years guaranty for their products that indicates durability and quality. Hence, they are ideal for high traffic areas such as hallways and entrances. Both Vinyl and LVT are straightforward to install. The difference is that LVT comes in the form of tiles while Vinyl flooring is produced as a sheet. The advantage of LVT is you can create a beautiful pattern by alternating the shape or colour or the tiles. In addition, LVT gives you the option to replace a tile in the case of damage rather than changing the whole floor. As they are protected by a wear layer, both Vinyl and LVT are easy to maintenance. You should simply sweep and mop the scratch layer. When making your mind between flooring types you may confront options such as hardwood, carpet, laminate or vinyl floorings. Hardwood flooring is luxurious and brings warmth and charm to the room. But it is more expensive and requires proper maintenance. Where softness and warmth as well as budget is intended, carpets are a good option. Both laminate and vinyl flooring combine natural appearance, durability and low cost. Moreover, vinyl (and VLT) flooring can be used in kitchen and bathroom instead of ceramic tiles. References: andersonsofinverurie thehappyhousie honestandtruly ratedpeople myhouseby

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