More expensive

Yes, timber flooring is a good investment but initially requires more money than other flooring solution. In a long run, it may be cost-effective due to its longevity and durability but can suck your budget in a short time. So, if you are on a tight budget, timber flooring may not be the best suggestion for you.

Prone to termite attack & Mould

Wooden floorings are not immune to termite and mould, and thus, most modern buildings are built keeping such danger in mind. Especially spruce and yellow pine are more prone to infestations by termite and mould. So, choosing the right wood species is important to avoid such damages.

No Water-Proof

Unlike most synthetic flooring solutions, hardwood is neither water-resistant nor water-proof. This means that while you can clean timber planks using a wet mop, you should avoid excess water contact. The same is true about harsh detergents. Any dripping or seepage occurrence should be also avoided. 

Prone to Scratching

Wooden flooring is also prone to dents and scratches. So, if you have kids or pers you need to take be extra careful. Heavy furniture can also scratch the flooring or create dents. So, it’s a good idea you put protective pads under furniture legs and avoid pulling them on the surface.

Requires Maintenance and Refinishing

Being easy to maintain doesn’t mean that timber flooring is maintenance-free.  If not properly cleaned and maintained, the costly flooring will last less. Besides, wooden flooring requires occasional sanding and finishing. Although it will give a new life to your flooring, it’s still an expensive and clumsy process. In particular, the family will have to leave the home when the process is going on.


It’s being said that timber is a solid and noise-free flooring. Unfortunately, that’s only half-true. A newly installed hardwood is solid and sound-proof. But after a few decades, the constant tear and wear will affect some planks. This can cause clicking sound as you walk on the surface.

In this post, we’ve reviewed the pros and cons of timber flooring for you. In our opinion when you have enough budget, the benefits of timber flooring outweigh its shortcomings. In Particular, when you want a premium and unique look, no other flooring option are even close to what timber flooring offers.


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