Wooden floorings are unique, the look and feel they make is second to none. However, timber floorings are expensive and several trees should be slashed to a timber flooring.

What is Recycled Timber Flooring?

Recycled or reclaimed timber flooring is a type of flooring that its timber is taken from used or existing sources and reused in new construction projects such as flooring renovation. Because recycled timber flooring doesn’t require cutting down trees it is a very environment-friendly flooring option, and you are also saving timbers from going to landfills.

Recycled timber planks look like new timber logs, they have the same beauty and charm and they are as authentic as fresh timbers. However, you may have sand and refinish used timber flooring to make it look brand new. In many situations, recycled timber flooring is cheaper than a new one and look more vintage.

Sources of Recycled Timber

Recycled timbers mostly come from buildings that reached the end of life. It commonly is salvaged from old houses, bridges and wharves. When old buildings get out of repair, demolishers carefully strip out and put aside timbers for reuse. Then they sell the salvaged timbers to merchants who re-mill and sell them to the consumers in the form of timber flooring, beams and decking.  There are many different sources from which recycled timber can be recover. Just a few of them include:

Destroyed homes

Old buildings








Wool stores

Shearing sheds

old power poles

car crates 

old railway sleeper

Uses for Recycled Timber

Apart from timber flooring, recycled timber has a range of uses in construction and renovation project. So, why don’t think about using recycled timbers in your new project, the quality and huge range of options you have will surprise you. Here are some of the different choices you have:

The building of new furniture


Retaining walls

Doors and windows


Structural uses (beams, joists, load-bearing walls etc.)




Visible posts and beams

Uses for Recycled Timber

Apart from timber flooring, recycled timber has a range of uses in construction and renovation projects. So, if you are going to start a new project you consider using reclaimed timber. It’s not only cheaper but also a sustainable construction material. By using recycled wood, you will save our prized forest tree from cutting just because of your home beauty. Some other potential uses of reclaimed timber:

Building of new furniture

Retaining walls

Doors and windows


Beams, joists, load-bearing walls, etc.




Visible posts and beams

Is recycled timber cheaper?

One of the most prominent flooring options is recycled timber flooring. It’s not only cheaper than new hardwood but also versatile and eco-friendly, and is a prized find for renovation projects especially for older homes where flooring with an aged patina fits right in.

Because recycled timber is taken from prior-in-use timbers it’s usually much cheaper than new hardwood. For example, a piece of common species recycled timber such as oak is about 50 percent cheaper than a brand-new one. Sometimes, you may have to get your flooring sanded and refinished by a professional. That will cost you some extra money.

Is Recycled timber sustainable?

Recycling is the most sustainable method of timber production and helps in solving issues with deforestation and climate change. Due to its lower cost and environmental impact suppliers and consumer in many countries turned to using recycled timber from a variety of sources. Even in countries such as Australia and New Zealand in which sources of natural wood are plentiful, people’s tendency to more eco-friendly timbers such as recycled or reclaimed timbers is surging rapidly.


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