Laying down new flooring is the most important part of any renovation project. However, finding the right type of flooring could be confusing, especially when it comes to the installation cost. In this post, we went over common flooring types and installation costs.


There are two primary types of wood flooring; Hardwood and Engineered Wood. Hardwood also called solid wood or solid timber is made from real wood timbers cut from forest trees. Solid Wood is among most luxurious flooring options and brings the charm and warmth of nature to your home. Albeit, all these come at a cost. Hardwood is one of the most expensive yet popular floorings in the market.


It offers an enchanting beauty for your room It can be refinished up to 3-5 time in its 20-30 years lifespan It’s anti-microbic and anti-allergic Harwood is the best investment on flooring with a great rate of return


It’s not water and humidity resistant Cannot be installed in damp rooms or the region with humid areas of the country It could be Slippery when wet. Needs an even underflooring

Cost Factors

The installation cost of a solid wood flooring varies by: The type of wood you choose, more durable or luxury is a hardwood, it would more expensive. Type and condition of underflooring Room size: Typically, contractors will charge you less for bigger rooms and more for hallway and steps per square feet.

Cost to Install Hardwood Flooring

Depending on the wood species typically it will cost you $6000 to $22000 to have hardwood flooring installed in 1000 square feet home. Most projects on this size cost around $8000-$1000. If your subflooring needs treatment before installation, also add about 10%-20% to the total cost.

Engineered Wood

Engineered Wood is a man-made flooring that is manufactured from several plywood layers attached to a high-quality top layer. Like hardwood, the top veneer layer is real timber from natural species.


More budget-friendly than Solid Wood Offers almost the same appearance as Solid Wood Better Tolerates temperature and humidity fluctuations (A better flooring option for areas with harsh climate) Compatible with underfloor heating If necessary, the veneer layer can be refinished a few times


It’s not moisture and stain-proof Susceptible to scratches and dents The amount of maintenance required is comparable to Solid Wood.

Cost to Install Engineered Wood Flooring

Again, the overall cost varies with factors such as the veneer layer species and manufacturing quality. But as a rule of thumb, you could expect to spend $8-$12 per square feet for installation of middle-range engineered flooring.


Laminate flooring consists of 2-10 underneath layers attached to a printed layer protected underwater and wear resistance. The best thing about laminate flooring is that it can simulate the look and appearance of high-end flooring materials such as wood, stone or marble but it will cost you only a portion of those floorings.


One of the most affordable flooring options Good stain resistance and allergy-free DIY-friendly installation Easy maintenance


Vulnerable to moisture Its look and appearance is not as good as hardwood Noisy under feet May contain chemicals

Cost to Install Laminate Flooring

In average, the costs of running in a big-home laminate flooring is $1-$3 per square feet. However, the price of custom-designed laminates could as high as $15 per square feet. Depending on where you live, the labour cost for the flooring installation is about $5 per square feet. You can even cut the installation costs by installing the flooring yourself. This makes laminate one of the most inexpensive flooring options.

Vinyl & Linoleum

If you are looking for an affordable and good-looking flooring option, Vinyl and Linoleum floorings are for you. Similar to laminate, vinyl can mimic the look of wood, stone or tile but at a fraction of cost.


Budget-friendly Come in a wide range of colours and patterns Low maintenance DIY-Friendly


Not an environment-friendly flooring material (cannot be recycled) More prone to damage from scratches and dents than harder flooring like wood and stone. A short lifespan without proper maintenance and cleaning

Cost to Install Vinyl Flooring

You could expect that laying a vinyl flooring on a 1000 square feet home cost you about $3000 to $7000. The material cost is from $500 to $5000. Besides, Vinyl requires an even subfloor and Linoleum should be sealed after installation and then once per year.


Tiles come in a range of type, pattern and colour. Hence, No matter how much you want to invest in flooring, you can always find a tile that fits your budget. Tiles are durable, almost maintenance-free and can be installed in every room, even wet areas like kitchen and bathroom where the installation of other materials not allowed.


Durable Easy to clean and look after Goes well with underfloor heating Can be installed in wet rooms Can be installed outdoor


Difficult to install (You have to hire an expert) Can be slippery when wet Could be broken by heavy objects or as a result of temperature fluctuations when installed outdoor.

Cost to Install Tile Flooring

Perhaps, tiles are the most appropriate and good-looking flooring for your bathroom, laundry room, entryway or kitchen. To cover these spaces with beautiful tile, you should allot about $3 to $5 per square feet for ceramic and $6 to $8 for porcelain. You can even go for natural tiles like stone and marble which will cost you at least $15 per square feet.


If you want a flooring that feels warm and plush underfeed, carpet, then the carpet is on the top of your flooring preference. It’s not as inexpensive as vinyl but provides better comfort and insulation and is one of the best choices for kids’ room.


Provides good heat and sound insulation Help reduce sound Easy maintenance- Requires only vacuuming and occasional cleaning


Stains and spills can penetrate fibres Mould and Mildew can grow underneath Can trap dust, insects and allergens Fades over time.

Cost to Install Carpet Flooring

The price to run carpet in a 1000 feet room is $3500 to $11000.While Builder-grade olefin and polyester materials are less expensive, the cost for wool or hand-made carpets can reach several hundred dollars per square feet.

Polished Concrete

While concrete has been in use for a long time, polished concrete is more recent flooring options which gives the space a modern look and feel, especially for public spaces. Depending on the method of grinding, a true finished concrete will cost you $25 to $100 per square feet.

Cost to Install Other Flooring Types

Cork Flooring: $653-$1,960 Marble Floors: $1,960-$5,228 Terrazzo: $5,228-$19,600 Slate Flooring: $1,960-$3,900 Stone Flooring: $1,307-$3,921 Bamboo Flooring: $784-$1,307

Since flooring installation costs depend on several factors such as labour cost, material quality and where you live, it’s impossible to exactly calculate costs before the project beginning. Anyway, the cost we mentioned above, should give you a good insight for comparison between the cost of installation for different floorboards. After all, the best way to estimate the budget you need for flooring installation is to ask a local retailer for a flooring cost quote.


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