Nothing better than a timber flooring can bring charm and warmth to the room. Timber floors are durable and easy to maintain. That’s why they have been so popular for decades. We have provided everything you should know about a timber flooring, from how it is made and how to maintain it to the price range. Timber floor also known as hardwood floor or traditional wood flooring is an all-natural product. As its name indicate, solid timber is made from hard or solid wood. It offers an unmatched warmth and visual appearance and can stand the test of time. Solid timber flooring is a perfect choice for high traffic areas due its durability and scratch-resistance. Solid timber flooring is also easy to maintained and clean making it a reasonable choice for homes with kids and pets. As an advantage, a solid flooring can be sanded and refinished up to 5-7 times during its lifespan allowing the owner to face life the flooring and change its color and appearance. If the damage is not so deep, only refinishing and staining is enough to bring a lackluster timber flooring to life and give it a shiny and gorgeous look. Furthermore, a timber flooring can be stained as many times as needed. Because wood is a natural structure and a good insulator, timber flooring keeps feet warmer on cold days and cooler on warm days. A timber flooring insolates the heat and sound seven times better than a ceramic tile and keeps feet warmer as a vinyl or laminate flooring. The synthetic fiber in some flooring product can be harmful to children, elderly or people with health conditions such as asthma. As a solid timber is fiber-free, it is hypo-allergenic and a family-friendly product. The best is that timber flooring is available in a large range of species, colors, patterns, and grains. So, it can be fitted into any decoration or lifestyle. If you are looking for a robust and charming flooring for your home or business, solid timber floorboards are the answer.

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